Pancake minis


These little things are the best breakfast for kids. My kids love pancakes, but they can be quite messy. Today I tried something new and they all loved it. I made up regular pancake batter, but instead of cooking them on the stove top, I baked them in mini cupcake pans. You could use a regular sized muffin pan for bigger ones as well. I chose the mini because my kids are small and these are bit sized. I also decided to put some toppings on them. I used strawberries, blueberries, and mini chocolate chips, to make a varity of flavors.

In the second batch I mixed all 3 together. This was my favorite. The kids ate them like crazy. The nice thing about these is you can freeze them and just get a few out when needed. Just pop them in the microwave for a few seconds. I think this is a much more convienent and cleaner way for kids to eat pancakes. Who wouldn’t rather pop one in their mouth, then cut them up and use a fork?

There are so many possibilities with flavor. If you want you could put bacon or sausage in them. I, however, like the sweet fruit. Sometime I would like to make these from scratch rather than use premade pancake mix. We have a huge bag of it that needs to be used up. I’m going to be making a ton more to freeze and have on hand.2016-03-12 07.38.08

Mix a batch of these cute little muffins up and watch your kids go to town without the mess.


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