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Salty Malty


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This is a recipe you won’t want to ignore! Amazing is the best word to describe this dessert. I came across Salty Malty about a year ago when my family was invited over to someone’s house for dinner. It was one of those times that I wasn’t shy about asking for seconds.  Luckily the person who had made it was nice enough to share the recipe with me.

Salty Malty is an ice cream dessert with a pretzel crust, and a vanilla bean ice cream and caramel filling. Delicious! I would give it five thumbs up, and add a few more thumbs for sure.

I’ve made this about 5 times in the last year and each time it’s a huge hit.  It really isn’t hard to make, but it looks and tastes impressive. I served it to some dinner guests last night and my Aunt asked for the recipe. I told her I would blog it and send…

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